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Closed to new Little visitors) XXX

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Hello, I'm Grace


Welcome to my world where I care for people who have Little selves inside. This could be a tiny infant, a toddler or a young child. You may have Little of a different gender, or perhaps several Little selves! :)


My home is a welcoming space where Littles and those seeking to consider events of their early years are free to explore their younger sides. I believe we hold within all the selves we have been, like a set of Russian dolls. An aspect of this care involves touch. This article delineates nicely the effect of healthy touch within the bounds of a nurturing environment.


I am based in Nottingham, England and men and women, and people who do not recognise such binary categories, visit from all over the world knowing I provide a safe space where their Little side is cherished and respected. Feel free to navigate to other pages for a more in-depth view and to see pictures of what a visit may be like.

My home  is a safe space for regressive Littles to express that young configurationYou must be over 18 to apply for a place.

Much love,


WARNING: Any institutions or individuals attempting to use my profile; you DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE ANY OF MY PROFILE DETAILS, WRITING OR PICTURES - ABSOLUTELY NOTING FROM ANY PART OF THIS WEBSITE. Nada. Nil. Zero. No permissions given. Stop. Cease and desist, Now and forever more. Seriously, do I have to keep saying this..?

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