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Hello, I'm Grace


Welcome to my world where I care for people who have Little selves inside. This could be a tiny infant, a toddler or a young child - or perhaps all three. You may have Little of a different gender, or perhaps several Littles. 


My home is a welcoming space where Littles and those seeking to consider events of their early years are free to explore their younger sides. I believe we hold within all the selves we have been, like a set of Russian dolls. If we experienced love and affection as a child it can be wonderful to revisit those times again. Those who had to grow-up in a more challenging environment may find it transformative to be Little and have all the care and attention their Little heart desires. :)


Sometimes people survive developmental trauma whose formative experiences cannot be put into words because they happened when they were very small. Not having clear memories does not mean events do not have an impact. When an infant does not have their needs met, or has them met in unhealthy ways, the child finds alternative ways to survive. Survive, they do - but at a cost. This cost can involve feeling like one struggles to connect with people, feeling like one doesn't 'fit' in the world, of wanting connection but not knowing how to get it in healthy ways. I am based in Nottingham, England and men and women, and people who do not recognise such binary categories, visit from all over the world knowing I provide a safe space where their Little side is cherished and respected. Feel free to navigate to other pages for a more in-depth view and to see pictures of what a visit may be like.


I am a qualified, registered practicing psychotherapist and therapeutic carer, two distinct and separate roles. I bring my training and education as a psychotherapist and my years as a qualified general nurse, in an earlier career, into my care to ensure Littles receive the safe, ethical care they need - and deserve. An aspect of this care involves touch. This article delineates nicely the effect of healthy touch within the bounds of a nurturing, therapeutic environment.


My home  is a safe space for regressive Littles to express that young configurationYou must be over 18 to apply for a place.

Much love,


WARNING: Any institutions or individuals attempting to use my profile; you DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE ANY OF MY PROFILE DETAILS, WRITING OR PICTURES - ABSOLUTELY NOTING FROM ANY PART OF THIS WEBSITE. Nada. Nil. Zero. No permissions given. Stop. Cease and desist, Now and forever more. Seriously, do I have to keep saying this..?

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