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What to Expect During a Visit

Well, it starts with an email. I invite any applicant to complete a form to help me understand if what they are looking for is something I can provide. I will only offer places to those with whom I feel we are a good fit.


I provide bespoke care which cherishes the innocence of littles and does not in any way involve a sexual element. If there is a sexual, kink or BDSM component to what you seek, I respectfully suggest you look elsewhere (there is no judgement here for those for whom ABDL has more mature themes, but that is not what is offered here).


Once we both feel a visit is the right thing, we can connect through emails prior to the visit so that by the time we’ve finished our first cup of tea things will feel very different.

A visit is about meeting the needs of your little self - and your big self. For you this may mean wearing clothing appropriate to the age you feel you are, or you may find that doesn't quite feel right for you. It may be that your little side needs the comfort of a welcoming connection with someone who genuinely cares about your little side. Someone who wants to play with you, to hear your jokes and share huggles.

Some visitors find their time here has been transformative, others have found it helped them forge a new relationship with their Little side. Some of my visitors have written of their experiences and you can read their own words here.



Much love,




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