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What to expect... 


Q  I want to be punished. Is that something Mummy Grace can help with? 


A  No. If 'discipline' is what you seek it sounds like you are searching for BDSM. That is not is what is provided here. However, if you would like help in accepting your little side, or help in dealing with guilt or shame about having a little side, then perhaps a visit may be helpful. Contact me to start a conversation about whether a visit is the right thing for you.

Q  Will you potty train me?


A  No. This is not something I can help with.


Q  Can you adopt me?


A  No. I cannot adopt you, that is beyond the bounds of what I offer.


Q  I would like Mummy to play with my winky. Is that something MG will do for me?


A No. I provide a nurturing, therapeutic environment for littles to experience their little side and perhaps address formative trauma. This is a safe space where healthy boundaries are respected. MG's is not a sexual service.

Q  Can I mess my nappy, Mummy?


A  You may, and it may help to know that you don't have to wet or mess. It's about helping connect to your little 'configuration'.

Q  Will you breastfeed me?


A  No, that is not something I offer. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have warm bottles and shungglty-time. 

Q  I still feel nervous...


A  I understand how hard it is to share this side of yourself, sometimes even to those closest to you. I value the trust you place in me, even in reading this page. If you are courageous enough to message me I will welcome both your adult side and your little side. Feel free to message me to find out if a visit is the right thing for you.

Q  Why haven't you offered me a place? 

A I am sorry you weren't successful in your application.  It may be a visit at this time isn't quite right for you, or it may be that you requested things which I do not provide. It could be that I have invited you to review your self-care before considering a visit; a visit has the potential to unlock memories, even ones not consciously in awareness, and as such I invite all applicants to have a robust plan for how they will care for themselves post-visit. Please don't be upset if you are not offered a place, this does not reflect badly on you. I hope you find what you're looking for. You must be over 18 to apply for a place.




Q  I’ve seen pictures of littles on Twitter  and Fetlife. You won’t take pictures of me will you?


A  No. The pictures you see on this and other sites are of models. 

Q Can we go on a trip outside?

No. I provide a secure space for men and women to express their little sides. I feel I cannot do that in a public forum when I cannot guarantee your safety.


Q  Can I phone you, MG?


A  No, that’s not possible. 



Q  Can I bring some of my things for my nursery visit?


You are welcome to bring your treasures. Clothes and binkies and dodos are welcome. 

Q Can I visit you on the day I apply

I'm sorry, but as the care I provide is tailored to your needs that is not possible. Further, I am usually booked-up months in advance.

Q I would like to bring you a present.

Thank you for the thought, but that really isn't necessary. A visit to MG's is about receiving the care you need. :)

Q When are visits available in the week?

Midweek visits are only available on Thursdays. However, that may be changing in the future.


Q  Can I stay for a sleep-over? 


A  No. There are many places to stay locally so we can look at two consecutive visits on a weekend. I find this works well for visitors who travel long distances or from other countries, as they have the experience they need and enough time to truly relax and make the most of the experience.

Q  I want to stay for a long time. Can I do that?

A No. I do not offer prolonged visits. I aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment and that means giving 100% of myself, which I cannot do unless I am well rested. 


Q  How do I get to Mummy Grace’s nursery?


A  Access to MG's is easy as the M1 and ring-road are nearby. Parking is free. Nottingham has a mainline train line and central bus station, both of which are about  a ten minute taxi ride away. 


Q  But I’m coming from abroad. What do I do?


A  I tend to find my littles from Europe fly into East Midlands Airport, which is about a half hour car ride away. International visitors tend to fly into London and get the train to Nottingham, but I personally recommend Birmingham as an option. Why not visit my testimonials page where there are comments from littles from other countries, you can read about their experiences in their own words. 




Q  How do I book a session at MG’s nursery?


A  Contact me, and we can have an email chat and see if I’m the right person for you.  


Q  What’s the booking process?


A  Once you’ve made contact I will ping over a form to help me understand whether I can be the Mummy you need. Once the finer details are tweaked, a non-returnable deposit via PayPal will secure your spot. Once a booking has been made it will not be possible to transfer the date of your visit as my diary does not have any flexibility.


Q  Why bother with the form? Doesn’t everyone get offered a place?


A  No. Not all nursery applicants are offered a place, and if that is so please do not be offended.


Q  I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I post the deposit or transfer it directly to your bank account?


A  No, that’s not possible. Unfortunately, there are numerous accounts of 'ne’er-do-wells' using bank details for nefarious motives and as such my safety takes precedence.


Q  How do I set up a PayPal account?


A  It’s very simple. Click here to sign-up to PayPal. IMPORTANT TIP: Cut and paste details when using PayPal to ensure correct payment and set-up.


Q  What will the deposit show as on my bank statement?


A  It will show as something quite innocent. Nothing to worry about should anyone see your accounts. 


Q  I don’t see any mention of costs.


A  I provide an exclusive service to a select clientele. I do not apologise for providing a quality service. If cost is the deciding factor I respectfully suggest I may not be a good fit for you.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 Compliance Information

Q  What happens to the information I send when filling out the contact form on your site?

A  Details are stored in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Q  What happens to my information on the application form?

A  Those details are stored electronically, no other persons have access to this information and are GDPR compliantly stored and destroyed. Feel free to contact me for further details.


Q  I have a question I don’t see an answer to here...


Why not ask me here.



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